HUBLOT Big Bang Thailand Limited Edition 


Love and Passion in the fascination of timepiece become driven inspiration to create a dream project that fulfills the enthusiasm for Thai watch maniacs.

As a watch collectors, I have very strong desire to create a special collection for Thai watch lovers. With my dream and will, and wonderful and generous co-operation from Hublot, one of the world-renowned watch brands, the Big Bang Thailand Limited Edition is finally a dream comes through. The design is mixture of the famous uniqueness of the Big Bang and Thailand customizations.

The distinction of this Thailand limited edition is its meaningful design. Besides the black ceramic of the Big Bang itself, the special decorated colors show our nationalism. The colors of our national flag are painted, crafted and positioned beautifully, the Red of bezel base means The Nation, the White rubberized crown means The Religious, and the Blue rubberized chronograph buttons means The Monarchy. Those three colors represent the most prestigious cores of Thais. On the left side of the case, there’s Thai national flag neatly painted.
Due to its meaningful value and limited pieces, all pieces are reserved. There is only the #30/30 available for charity auction, the main intention of this project initiator. The auction starts from 350,000 THB (around 10,100 US$), and the proceed (after the cost has been met) will be donated to Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Foundation, Rajvithi Hospital.

People mostly say pictures are much better explain than thousands words so let’s take closer look at these exceptional timepieces.

The beautiful Ceramic Hublot Big Bang Thailand Limited Edition

The Thailand National Flag is neatly placed on the case

The three colors representing the Thailand’s most prestigious cores of Thais; Red (Nation), White (Religious), and Blue (Monarchy)

Back of the #30/30 Charity Auction piece.


 The incredibly gorgeous Hublot Big Bang Thailand Limited Edition, The “Unique Piece” 

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Black Sapphire Crystal back with “Unique piece” neatly engraved

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